Monday, November 20, 2017
Frequently Asked Questions for POMA Online

FAQs for Accessing Your CME Credits Using POMA Online

As a reminder, the POMA website only shows credits within the current Pennsylvania licensure cycle. The current cycle runs from November 1, 2014 to October 31, 2016. If you need a printout of your CME credits, please call the POMA Central Office.

Question: I completed the registration process for POMA Online but do not see where I can access my CME credits.
Answer: Log out of POMA Online and login again. The system needs to process your registration information. Once logged in again the POMA membership box will be on the upper left side of the homepage where the option to view your CME records will appear.

Question: After logging in to POMA Online there is no option for me to view my CME records in the POMA membership box.
Answer: Make sure your POMA membership is current. To pay your membership dues online with a credit card through PayPal, click “Pay Dues” in the POMA membership box. After renewing your membership, the option to view your CME credits will appear.

Question: After logging into POMA Online I clicked “Go View CME Records” in the POMA Membership box but my CME credits do not appear.
Answer: The POMA does not have any CME credits recorded in your file. Please call the POMA Central Office if you believe this is in error.

Question: I attended a non-POMA sponsored program and my credits do not appear on the POMA website.
Only CME credits processed by the POMA are automatically recorded in the POMA database. Please forward a copy of your CME certificate or letter of completion for non-POMA sponsored programs to the POMA office to be entered into our database.

The number of my credits for the POMA and the AOA do not match.
Answer: The POMA database and the AOA database are not linked; therefore, please forward a copy of your AOA Activity Report to the POMA Central Office so we can update your records.

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