Monday, November 20, 2017
What Does POMA Do For Me?

Why Join the POMA? Talking Points

POMA is Your Information Clearinghouse and Ombudsman Service


What Does POMA Do?

  • POMA is your osteopathic advocate
  • POMA testifies on behalf of osteopathic physicians
  • It is the resource for your questions regarding:
    • Licensure
      • Patient safety
      • Continuing medical education
    • Mcare
    • Professional liability
    • Life insurance
    • Medical insurance
    • Practice concerns
      • Employment of PAs, CRNPs
      • Closing a practice
      • Insurance reimbursement
      • Patient complaints
      • Medicare
      • Medicaid

How Does POMA Serve Its Members?

  • Promotes the osteopathic profession and physicians in Pennsylvania.
  • Peer review and advocacy
    • Committee to review insurance cases at members’ requests
    • Committee to review grievances by physicians and patients
  • Contributes to Physicians Health Programs (for impaired physicians) and advises physicians regarding the program.

Benefits to POMA Members

  • POMA records all CME credits sent to the Central Office and forwards these credits to the AOA CME Department.
  • Annual Clinical Assembly/Convention allows physicians to earn 40 Category 1 CME credits, including patient safety and other CME requirements for Florida licensure.
  • Physicians in their first year of practice after completing a residency receive FREE POMA membership – a $375 value

How to Get Involved

  • Serve on POMA committees (39)
  • District leadership
  • POMA House of Delegates – policy body
  • POMA board of trustees
  • POMA officers


POMA Publications

  • The POMA Newsletter is published and e-mailed every three weeks.
  • The Journal of the POMA is an educational medical journal that is published quarterly
  • The POMA Membership Directory is published annually and is available online.
  • “Patient Pointers” flyers are published in the POMA Newsletter for distribution in physicians’ offices.
  • “Legal Corner” appears in the Newsletter and/or Journal as called for by current issues.
  • "Another Voice," a POMA Newsletter column is designed to allow physicians to share their opinions on issues.
  • The POMA website,, includes timely information and links to other sites important to the osteopathic profession.
  • E-mail,, allows POMA to send the POMA Newsletter to members with e-mail addresses more quickly, as well as distribute district meeting notices and news briefs. It also allows POMA members easy access to the Central Office.
  • Pamphlets on osteopathic medicine and “What is a D.O.,” etc., are available upon request.

POMA Representation

  • Board member of the Citizens Allied for Pennsylvania Patients, designed to achieve true tort reform.
  • Business Advisory Committee – PMSLIC
  • Carrier Advisory Committee – CMS
  • Health Care Cost and Quality Data Committee
  • OPTIs – LECOMT and PCOM Mednet
  • State Board of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation – Medical Advisors
  • Loan Forgiveness Program
  • Office of Medical Assistance PROMISe Program

Miscellaneous Benefits

  • POMA contributes $130,000 each year to the POMA Foundation for stethoscopes and physician members’ continuing medical education seminars and scholarships.
  • POMA life and disability insurance -- new members under 45 years of age qualify for a $25,000 life insurance policy and a $25,000 disability policy free for the first year.
  • POMA contributes to charities on an annual basis.


What Does POMA Do for Students, Interns and Residents?

What Does POMA Do for Students

A portion of your dues subsidizes:

  • Scholarships to third- and fourth-year osteopathic medical students
  • Stethoscopes to first-year osteopathic medical students at LECOM and PCOM, and to Pennsylvania residents in other osteopathic medical schools upon request
  • White Coats to first-year osteopathic medical students at LECOM and PCOM
  • Outstanding Student Award presented annually to a member of the LECOM and PCOM graduating class
  • Student Government presidents from LECOM and PCOM to attend AOA House of Delegates meeting
  • Student Government and SOMA presidents attend POMA board of trustees meetings with voice.
  • The POMA Newsletter is e-mailed to LECOM and PCOM students
  • The POMA Newsletter reserves space for a “Student Corner” column.
  • Contribute to Primary Care functions
  • Senior Luncheon at LECOM and PCOM
  • Students are invited to participate in the Annual Clinical Essay Contest, with a $1,000 first prize.
  • Students are automatically POMA members during their years in osteopathic medical school.


What Does POMA Do for Interns and Residents

  • Committee on Professional Guidance/Young Physicians
    • Intern and resident representatives from Pennsylvania programs meet three times per year in each region – East/Central/West.
    • Intern/resident representatives from each region attend POMA board of trustees meetings
    • Resident representatives for the three regions are part of the POMA House of Delegates with voting privileges.
  • Advice on Pennsylvania licensure requirements
    • AOA-approved internship
    • Residencies
    • Professional liability
  • Interns and residents are invited to participate in the Annual Clinical Essay Contest, with $1,000 first prize
  • Interns and residents are POMA members and receive the POMA Newsletter through e-mail.
  • The POMA Newsletter reserves space for an “Intern/Resident Corner” column
  • Prep for Practice seminars held as needed
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